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Wednesday, September 30, 2009 , 365 comments

There have been many instances since I started university, when people would comment about how I look, what ethnic background I am from, and not surprisingly, my age. They're not all necessarily negative comments; in fact when people comment about my appearance, it was only either, (a) "You look nice today!" or (b) "School working you too hard?". Not necessarily using those phrases, but you know what I mean. Sure, I look tired. I don't dress "nice" for school. I don't give a damn - no one does! Every university student from time to time (especially during crunch time) are bound to look and act like zombies. Seriously! So, this isn't much of an issue.

What's starting to get on my nerves is when people ask time and again what I am, where I'm from, what background I belong to. The asking doesn't bother me. Not at all. It's the reaction that makes me want to squeeze that stress ball so hard, it would mush into pieces. (Okay, I'm overly exaggerating, but you get the idea). Let me tell you about some of my experiences - true story!

Experience # 1:
Asian Guy Who Looks Lost: Hey, excuse me.
Me: Hey.
AGWLL: Are you Chinese? Do you speak Cantonese?
Me: No, sorry.
AGWLL (continues to talk to me, asking me something about the bus/transit)

Experience # 2:
Asian Girl From Economics: Hey, excuse me!
Me: Hi..
AGFE: Hey, are you Chinese?
Me: No, I'm not.
AGFE: Oh, really? You look Chinese.
Me: No, I'm Filipino.
AGFE: Oh, okay! You look so pretty! I really thought you were Chinese.
Me: Thanks :) I'm Filipino, but my boyfriend's Chinese though.
AGFE: Oh, okay. (Asks questions about the Boyfriend)...Are you in Economics? I really need help on this.
Me: Oh, no sorry.
AGFE: Oh, it's okay. Ok, well, take care!

And there are a ton more experiences that resemble these. I was okay explaining the first few times...but damn, they just keep coming! Do I really look that Asian? Not Filipino at all?

The worst encounters are when my age is what's being questioned. I'm now 21. I guess I look 17 or 18. I'm in fourth year, I guess I look like I'm in First. Less than 2 years ago, the dentist thought I was still in high school. Go figure. Let me share with you today's experience.

Girl In The Bus (asking people whether they go to The University (the campus I attend)): Hey, do you go to The University?
Guy 1, Guy 2: Yeah.
GITB: Are you in first year?
Guy 1, Guy 2: Yeah.
GITB (looking at Me and the Person Beside Me): Are you guys from The University?
PBM: No.; Me: Yeah.
GITB (to Me): Are you in First year?
Me: No, I'm actually in Fourth.
GITB: Really??? You don't look like Fourth year.
Me: (He He He. . . . . . )

See what I mean?

1. Do you have any experiences similar to mine?
2. Do you think I'm over-reacting? :P
3. How are you today? :)
Okay, I'm not gonna lie, it's been a while. Almost four months have passed since I last clicked "New Post" on the Blogger dashboard. I can't believe it. You would think that during summer time, you'd have way more time to write, reflect, and update your blog. Well, wasn't the case for me. Okay, well I wasn't in total busy bee mode, but I wasn't just lounging around either (for the most part anyway).

Summer, well...let's just say it was one heck of a summer vacation. And I don't mean that in a totally positive way. As with the rest of the year, this past summer had its ups and downs - I would say it's almost a balance of 50%-50%. I'd love to share everything that happened this summer but time and space just won't cut it. It probably won't interest you anyway. Most of it are too personal to chat about here (You can steal my personal diary for that -- actually, no, please don't). Let's just say the first half of the summer started a bit rocky; but fortunately, at midpoint, all the "bad" stuff began to steer clear. Oh, and I also took a course for the first half of the summer (which, if you're wondering, turned out to be okay). The good times? For the most part - and probably the highlight of my sort-of-busy summer - traveling to NYC, NJ, Pennsylvania with my family. You can check out some photos here, here, here, and here. During random occasions when I felt "in the mood", I took photographs and (tried to) digitally enhance them, which I think, for the most part turned out pretty well. You can check out my photos at my deviantART. I also bought a new smart phone, the Google phone with Android OS. Here in Canada it's called the HTC Dream, whereas in the U.S., it's call the G1. Thanks to the Boyfriend for helping me purchase it. And so, for the rest of the summer, I was just trying to enjoy the wee bit of time left before school started again. Oh, and I also turned twenty-one! But that deserves a whole separate blog entry to itself.

...So that's about all that happened. See? You didn't miss much there! :P

So you might be thinking, "Why bother returning to the blog scene now?" Seriously, I just felt like it. I think that I just didn't have the inspiration/motivation to write/blog when I'm not being productive (a.k.a this past summer). Now that I'm back at school, it seems like the more busy I get, the more that I feel like I need to write/blog. It's probably Stress knocking on my door again. Really can't separate studying from Stress. I just have to write/blog! This serves as therapy for me.

Anyways, I'm not planning on waiting for the birds to chirp outside. Cheese and rice, it's late!
Will blog about more interesting stuff soon. But before I go,

1. When was the last time you wrote an entry?
2. Now that I'm back in the biz, are you gonna follow my blog? :)